Rock school Grade 1 MERIT

My youngest student, Biagio - aged just 8, took his Rockschool Grade 1 last month and has passed with MERIT! This is a fantastic achievement and I'm very proud of the result he got! He began his lessons with me just 10 weeks before taking the exam and I helped him polish up the pieces, as well as introducing him to the technical exercises, sight reading and aural section of the exam. His overall mark was 77% and we have already began preparing him for Rockschool Grade 2!

Biagio's dad had these kind words to say: 

"Biagio started lessons with Cameron 3 months before his grade 1 exam without ever having played on an acoustic kit before. We had an electric kit at home. Cameron is patient, friendly and really great with kids. Biagio looks forward to his lessons and we are now working towards our grade 2" - Riccardo Emanuele